No other plant has as many uses as hemp, (cannabis sativa, which means cannabis cultivated by man). Nowadays there are more than 25,000 products made from hemp on the market. For hidden interests, mainly those related to petrol, hemp was prohibited in Spain in the 60s.
Hemp is the plant which produces most oxygen, cleans contaminated air and creates the greatest biodiversity in the area surrounding the crops. Its oil is the most complete and contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, making it the best remedy for those who have problems with cholesterol levels. The seed is a complete food in itself and can be transformed into biodiesel, thereby substituting petrol.
Climatic changes, with their serious consequences, would be halted by cultivating this marvellous plant. It helps in the regeneration of the land and increases output due to the shape of its root and its fertilizing properties. In addition, 1 hectare of hemp produces the same amount of paper as 5 hectares of trees and is of better quality.
At the end of May, beginning of June 2004, 4 fields totalling 20,000 square metres were planted with hemp in Cañar, Pitres and Pórtugos. These crops could be possible candidates for the Guinness Book of Records , for being the most photographed fields in 2004. A whole host of visitors came to see them including birds for the seeds and people who thought it was marijuana.
The seed-heads are collected by hand, then dried to be later used in cooking. Hemp has a slightly bitter taste and according to traditional Chinese medicine is good for the heart, liver and kidneys as well as being a pleasure to eat. Hemp fibre is more resistant than steel and is used in the manufacture of clothes, in the construction industry and in the car industry. There are 8,000 hectares planted in Albacete for use by Mercedes Benz.
The European Union subsidizes the cultivation of hemp,granting 63 euros for each ton of stalk produced per hectare and 96 euros for fibre obtained. La Alpujarra is the ideal place in which to produce hempseeds and supply the farmers of Europe.
Fuente Vaqueros, the birthplace of Garcia Lorca, depended upon the cultivation of hemp and according to the Ancient Greeks, hemp had the power to clarify the mind. Hemp also has its own patron saint, Saint George, whose saint´s day is on 23rd April.
For a clean, prosperous future support hemp cultivation. Make a reality of this necessity.